Will The Value Of The Uniqueness Of Artworks Gradually Fade Or Strengthen With The Immersive Experience Of The Art-fashion Alliance?

Writing by Wen H., Photo|Video by Wen.H

Art-fashion alliance is not a new spark. Looking back at art across the fashion houses: Louis Vuitton these years, Stephen Sprouse_graffiti collection, Takashi Murakami_Monogram Multicolour collection, Jeff Koons_ Masters collection and so on. The artists all showcased their perspectives on the fashion industry through their combined commercial goods. With the development of technology, visual stimulation and immersive content, viewers are not only interested in the product, but also desperately look forward to seeing innovative visual collaboration and to joining surprising immersive experiences. 

This exciting collaboration between LOUIS VUITTON X YAYOI KUSAMA again after 2012, bringing Kusama’s interactive dot and mirror art out of the galleries and joining into the high streets around the world. Some stores have been reimagined as experiential art playgrounds. The giant sculptures of Kusama painting dots on English buildings: Harrods, Kusama robots endlessly dotting paint inside the windows of Louis Vuitton stores and the fantasy 3D videos link Kusama’s ethos to the Tokyo skyline. The shopping experience redefines our life experience should be. The commercial stores behave like galleries, and the galleries embrace people closely.  It’s a great immersive visual festival to colour our ordinary lives. 

Yet, this collection met with mixed reviews. The others feel drowned by the repetition of the huge and omnipresent ad campaigns. Their scales are likely to crush the most powerful element in any luxury combination, which is exclusivity. Too commercial and deviates from Kusama’s original style in the criticism. Anyhow, all that matters to LV is that viewers are talking about this collaboration, the most of viewers were excited about these unmissable campaigns when we actually visited the store. 

Thus, do you enjoy the art x fashion immersive shopping experience or being tired of the intimacy with the art-fashion alliance?

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