AVANTELIER Selects Ethical Goods For You : RESO
AVANTELIER Selects Ethical Goods For You : RESO


Reso Jewelry is a Taiwanese designer jewellery brand that originated in London.

The brand’s leader and jewellery designer, Pany, graduated with a master’s degree in jewellery design from Central Saint Martins in London. She is renowned as the “jewellery designer reborn in darkness,” was honored as one of the “Top 10 Cancer Fighters of 2023.” After her battle with cancer, she hopes to resonate with others and inspire courage through her story, using jewellery as the medium of expression.

At the age of 26, she was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer, forcing her to abandon her hard work, dreams, and life in London overnight. “Take the broken heart, make it into art.” – Carrie Fisher. This quote inspired her to transform anxiety, panic, and helplessness into creative energy.

Reso Jewellery became her spiritual pillar during her cancer journey, like a beam of light in the darkness, giving her the strength to keep fighting. When she wears the jewellery she personally designed and crafted, it feels like wearing her beliefs and courage, embracing each new challenge with the most beautiful grace and full confidence.

“Seeing her bravery makes people no longer afraid to face the future, believing that no matter what comes their way, they can get through it.” These pieces are not just her story but everyone’s story, hoping to bring you resonance and warmth.

Through jewellery design, we start from the cancer experience to explore social issues, bringing courage and hope. Our goal is to turn stories into jewellery and extend these beliefs. We are also committed to raising awareness of social issues and charitable causes, working together to create positive change.

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Take the broken heart, make it into art. ” – Carrie Fisher

AVANTELIER Selects Ethical Goods For You : RESO

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What is the inspiration behind the collection?

Pluto Jewellery Collection: Darkness and Rebirth

In 2006, Pluto was demoted from its status as one of the nine major planets. However, it continued to orbit the Sun tirelessly. Just when people had forgotten about it, Pluto reappeared in the public eye, carrying an image of a heart.

Using “Pluto” as the theme for the Reso series of creations represents “darkness and rebirth.” Much like Pluto in the universe, which continues its orbit around the Sun despite its demotion, the designer, Pany, faced abandonment by fate and lost everything overnight. Yet, she continues to revolve around what she loves and has been reborn from the darkness.

What materials and craftsmanship qualities can be expected from Reso Jewellery?

Reso Jewellery is crafted from sterling silver with a white gold plating, ensuring both high quality and durability. Each piece is designed with a focus on longevity, allowing it to withstand the test of time and be cherished for years to come.

What is Reso’s manifesto?

Reso’s manifesto, inspired by Carrie Fisher’s quote, “Take the broken heart, make it into art,” embodies a journey of transformation through darkness and rebirth from cancer. This philosophy is seamlessly connected to Reso’s commitment to crafting high-quality pieces designed for longevity, ensuring that every creation is a lasting symbol of resilience and artistry.

AVANTELIER Selects Ethical Goods For You : RESO
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