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Dadiogaosai is a forward-thinking brand dedicated to revitalizing traditional Chinese culture. It honors age-old craftsmanship while challenging outdated stereotypes. The brand harnesses the artistic potential of Chinese knotting and Shibari to redefine high fashion aesthetics and explore unconventional narratives.

Using sophisticated techniques and contemporary design, Dadiogaosai dismantles and reconstructs traditional cultural norms and values. By integrating metal materials into Chinese knotting, the brand breathes new life into this ancient practice, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity.

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What does “da dio gao sai” signify?
In Taiwanese culture, “da dio gao sai” symbolizes both misfortune and good luck, reflecting Dadiogaosai’s ethos of transforming adversity into opportunity.


What Principles And Values Define Dadiogaosai ’s Philosophy?
+ Innovation: Dadiogaosai seeks to innovate and reimagine traditional Chinese culture through modern design and craftsmanship.
+ Transformation: Dadiogaosai aims to transform misfortune into blessings, symbolized by the Taiwanese phrase “da dio gao sai,” meaning to step in dog poop but find good luck.
+ Craftsmanship: The brand values sophisticated craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail in its designs.
+ Sustainability: Dadiogaosai is committed to responsible production and consumption practices, aligning with sustainable principles to minimize environmental impact.
+ Cultural Preservation: Dadiogaosai preserves and celebrates traditional Chinese crafts and culture while adapting them to contemporary contexts.

AVANTELIER Selects Ethical Goods For You : Dadiogaosai

As for sustainability, Dadiogaosai demonstrates its commitment through various practices:

+ Preservation of traditional culture: The brand actively preserves and promotes traditional craftsmanship.
+ Fair trade practices: Dadiogaosai ensures fair wages and quality jobs for artisans.
+ Responsible production: The brand prioritizes responsible production and consumption, adhering to sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact.


Which Eco-Friendly Materials Does Dadiogaosai Utilize?
Dadiogaosai utilizes ethical materials like Rhodium Platinum Plated and Brass 925 Silver Needle, confirmed through SGS testing report No. SZXEC2102454702 to ensure the absence of harmful substances. This meets RoHS Directive standards for the “Brassy metal” specimen.”

AVANTELIER Selects Ethical Goods For You : Dadiogaosai
AVANTELIER Selects Ethical Goods For You : Dadiogaosai
AVANTELIER Selects Ethical Goods For You : Dadiogaosai
AVANTELIER Selects Ethical Goods For You : Dadiogaosai
AVANTELIER Selects Ethical Goods For You : Dadiogaosai
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