The Future Demand For Metaverse And Virtual Reality Will Depend On VR Headsets Development And Further Glasses-free 3D Displays.Let’s See What Tipping Point Did CES 2023 Bring To Us?

Writing by Wen H. Image by Brian Penny from Pixabay 

10 Jan 2023

According to Statista’s survey, the volume of the global VR headset industry is forecast to continuously increase by 7.5 million pieces between 2022 and 2027. It shows the popularity of Virtual Reality. Through CES 2023 biggest tech event in las Vegas, showed a more clear direction of AR and VR. Both techs seem to gradually reach the revolutionising mainstream tech for years and gain more and more attention on how their growth. Will CES 2023 bring the new into your reception room? What intriguing developments are VR lovers interested in the know?

Taiwan-based smartphone brand HTC launched its latest VR headset – the Vive XR Elite. The VIVE XR Elite brought several upgrades to AR and VR. The two elements below most caught my attention. Lightweight: Detachable Battery for enhanced portability, viewers can wear the device either like eyeglasses or in a traditional VR headset fit. This great upgrade will increase my time of spending in the VR world. I was feeling a heavy stone on my face while I used the previous version VR headset, most of the time I had to empty one hand just for holding my VR headset in case it was not falling. The other news I feel excited about is the more friendly price. It is below its competitor, Meta Quest Pro. This device’s release and price point are a clear hit to Meta. However, time will tell if the feature and price point put HTC to snatch the crown in the VR world. 

From HTC

Lumus is an Israeli augmented reality optics company, dedicate to Reflective Waveguide Technology on AR smart glasses, enabling immersive AR experiences. Furthermore, the glasses be designed for outdoor use, Lumus delivers brightness for outdoor and daytime usage. Although It’s still in the prototype stages, the tech is ready for integration into offerings. We all look forward to seeing a watershed moment in the new visual world. 

The other newly released product is NXTWEAR S XR Glasses by Chinese- based TCL Technology. The glasses provide a head-mounted-functional virtual display to view for your smartphone, tablet, or portable gaming console. Plus, it provides real-time language translation with subtitles. However, the glasses have still not been showcased on the TCL website yet. 

Asus introduced the world’s first glasses-free 3D OLED technology that is going to change visual content in the media. The tech allows viewers to enjoy immersive 3D visual content on their laptops without using any cumbersome devices. The eye-tracking system precisely and dynamically follows the movement of each of the viewers’ eyes by dual cameras, and the OLED display has a special lenticular lens array that delivers separate images to viewers’ left and right eyes, so viewers are able to have the 3D visual experience through Asus laptops.


With ever-improving technology, especially in VR and AR areas, they extend humans’ visual horizons, stimulating visual creators to find a new spark and bring new visual feasts to audiences. As a visual production studio, what new are we going to develop and present to you?

P.s. this article defo not about ads, it is about thinking and researching what new tech be launched and what new visual direction creators will go. The editor can’t sleep late at night because of the rapid development of technology. 

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