Reflection is an artistic lifestyle brand specialising in minimal, timeless jewelry. Their curated collections draw inspiration from the Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, emphasising the beauty of imperfection and transience. Influenced by the minimalist and subtle elements found in nature, art, and literature, as well as the Zen philosophy of life, Reflection aims to bring a sense of calm and elegance to everyday wear.

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Embrace simplicity and find joy in timeless, nature-inspired designs jewellery. 

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What is the difference between sterling silver and silver plated jewellery?

Sterling silver is often made up of 92.5% pure silver combined with a small percentage of copper. However, silver plated jewelry contains only a thin layer of real silver, with a base metal of nickel, copper, etc.

Over time, silver plated jewelry will begin to fade and tarnish away, exposing the base metal. Those who have sensitive skin may find a reaction occurs because of the presence of nickel. You may find most of the jewelry / accessory from high street brands are silver plated due to the cheaper cost.
In Reflection, all the silver pieces are all made of sterling silver, they wish it can bring you timeless elegance not just for seasonal fashion. Mostly, their silver products are sterling silver with platinum plated which makes the products more durable and keeps the luster.


AVANTELIER Selects Ethical Goods For You : Reflection
AVANTELIER Selects Ethical Goods For You : Reflection
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