Taipei Dangdai:Does Art Stay Romantic or Just A Business?

Writing by Eva Wang, Photo from Instagram @daxiang.art_space

Cover image from Yi-Liu Unsplash

I remembered when I made my trip to Paris for the “ Christian Dior, Designer of Dreams ” exhibition in 2017, people in line with me at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs were of different ages or varied fields. I am greatly envious of the atmosphere in that art and fashion are truly in Parisian blood.

Running the fourth edition of the global art fair from 12-14th of May, Taipei presented that Taiwanese audiences as my age (nearly thirty) are willing to explore what, which or even how art can be attracted to them. It might not be the best platform for romantic artists, but dozens of Taiwan and international galleries promoting various genres of art could inspire all “beginners” to dive in and widen their minds.

As a fashion design student, I used to be as stubborn as a mule. I insisted that the concept behind a masterpiece could be either extremely abstract or personal, and there’s nothing about business. After attending Taipei Dangdai, I reflected on the importance of interaction between artists and audiences. Without background stories or clear explanations, younger audiences could hardly “love who the pieces really are”. Yet I noticed recently, artists have focused on playing around and pushing the mixed media to the limit, and obviously, it catches the younger audiences’ eyes. That is to say, the art pieces are spent on techniques and given just a touch on concepts. Daxiang Art Space, for instance, located in Taichung City, collected several pieces using different media that I would love to introduce.

Koh San Keum, a Korean artist, translated her feeling of “ L’ Étranger ( by Albert Camus )  ” mainly with pearl beads into a very straight reaction of aesthetics. Following another good piece from Taiwan, a crossover between an installation art group and the artist Queena Wang. Materials such as LEDs mixed and matched with plants are literally a trend in design. I highly agree with the idea that arranging collaborations across fields can make art and design fresh and nonstop, especially to merge with the newest technology.

L’Etranger / Albert Camus
Pp. 25-80_4mm pearl baed, adhesive,
acrylic paint on panel
_120x80 cm_2017

Beyond the Edge _
Meta, LEDs, Electronics, Plants.
_69.5×42.5×15.4 cm _2023

The examples above demonstrate the balance between art and business from my point of view as an audience. It makes a breakthrough for more people to enjoy art in an easy way even though you haven’t had a deep knowledge of art. To conclude, the quick visit to Taipei Dangdai inspires me that once the percentages of sense and sensibility are well-adjusted, as an artist you gain confidence by reaching more audiences; as an audience, you are definitely able to find something that interests you; and for Taiwan, the art fair does encourage us to engage in art and hopefully will someday become a habit of us.

Other art pieces from Daxiang Art Space,

Hsite Sung
_The Peach Blossom Spring 2023
_Stainless Steel, Painting Ink
_186x100x9.1 cm _2023

Bernard Aubertin
_Dessin de feu
_mixed media on cardboard
_65x50 cm_1974

Didier Boussarie
_Friche Fallow land ref K96185
_Tempera on Canvas
_146x89 cm_2010

*All Pics are from Instagram @daxiang.art_space

Writer: Eva Wang X Avntelier

“ Bonjour ! Je m’ appelle Pei-Hsuan Wang. Pei-Hsuan, c’ est mon prénom et Wang, c’ est mon nom de famille en mandarin. Vous pouvez m’ appeler Eva en anglais. ”

I dreamt to be one of the invitees at Paris Fashion Week when I first visited Paris at the age of 13. I was encouraged to major in Fashion Design at Shih Chien University even though studying at the best language-advanced class. Afterwards, I met Wen at University of the Arts London, who is the host of this platform, is a role model of dreaming big, continuously learning and living like an artist.

-I have studied French since 2020 as an interest, but actually it is a preparation for someday
to dig deeper into art in France.
-I am moving slightly towards opening up a select shop. Smart selections can be the best
education. We, fashion learners, should have the responsibility to introduce the variety of fashion to
all Taiwanese customers.
-Born to be a romantic being, I see it as my strength to always pursue an ideal life.
Understand the reality but never stuff my brain with it.

As I have been considered having a keen sense of aesthetic, I would try my best to share my “ unique
” thoughts through my writings. They might not be literally useful, somehow “ illogical ” , but what I
found the purest beauty from all aspects with all my heart.

I hope the three birthday wishes above come true. The core value will be weaved in my writings,

: “ J‘ espère que tout le monde commence à rêver. ”

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