Discover INF SS 2023: How has INF’s fashion collection embraced the strength and resilience of Taiwan’s Sea Women culture?

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Taiwanese fashion brand INF showcased its 23AW collection, titled “AMA Sea Women,” at Taipei Fashion Week, highlighting the fusion of Taiwanese Sea Women culture and fashion. The collection aimed to raise awareness for cultural preservation and environmental protection. INF had previously presented the collection at London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, receiving positive feedback from international fans. The show took place at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, featuring a runway resembling a three-dimensional fish tank. The Sea Women culture, found in coastal areas of Taiwan, inspired the collection, emphasising the importance of respecting the ocean and its resources. INF incorporated elements of marine debris in their designs, using recycled materials and prints reflecting the ocean’s beauty. The collection showcased wave-like elements, swimwear imagery, and unique clothing structures. Accessories drew inspiration from the practical workwear of Sea Women, combining functionality and fashion. INF invited notable guests, including Golden Bell Award winners, to support the event. Through their collection, INF aimed to promote sustainable fashion, cultural appreciation, and environmental consciousness in Taiwan.

Meet Kuo Wei: A Multifaceted Visionary Shaping the World of INF.

Kuo Wei, the driving force behind INF, defies convention as a creative polymath. As the director of INF, his expertise extends far beyond the realm of fashion design. Seamlessly transitioning into diverse roles, including fashion runway producer and film producer, Kuo Wei fearlessly embraces new challenges that push him beyond his comfort zone. With a wealth of experience in various fields, Kuo Wei’s creative journey knows no bounds. His collaborations with professionals from different domains have expanded his horizons, enabling him to craft unique and boundary-pushing projects. From curating captivating fashion runways to producing impactful films, Kuo Wei’s rich and diverse experiences shape the innovative spirit of INF. In Kuo Wei, INF has found a visionary leader who brings together a multitude of talents, driving the brand’s evolution into uncharted territories. As the multifaceted director of INF, Kuo Wei’s remarkable journey continues to inspire and propel the brand towards new heights of creativity and success.

A: What are the biggest challenges for Kuo Wei on the project? How did you solve the issues? 

K: Facing the project’s greatest challenges, Kuo Wei remains steadfast in his commitment to preserving Taiwan’s historical sites and amplifying the fading essence of humanities. To tackle these obstacles, he employs a twofold approach. Firstly, by integrating sustainable materials into clothing design and production, and secondly, by utilising the influential voice of fashion to advocate for the imperilled humanities. Kuo Wei’s unwavering determination is encapsulated in his mantra: “No challenge is insurmountable; as a designer, every hurdle can be overcome.”

About SS 2023 Collection

Cultural Context:

The Sea Women culture, prevalent in several coastal areas of Taiwan, served as a significant source of inspiration for INF’s collection. In fishing villages, where men predominantly fish by boat, women without access to boats engage in diving to collect seafood to support their families. This practice has shaped the unique Sea Women culture, which holds deep significance within Taiwanese coastal communities.

Environmental Consciousness:

Central to the “AMA Sea Women” collection was the message of environmental consciousness and sustainability. INF emphasized the importance of respecting and preserving the ocean’s resources, recognizing it as the source of all life. The brand sought to draw attention to the detrimental impacts of Human activities on the marine ecosystem, including overfishing and pollution.

Design and Execution:

INF creatively incorporated elements of marine debris in their designs, such as bottle caps and plastic bags, symbolising the environmental challenges faced by the ocean. The collection’s fabric was made from recycled PET bottles, representing the concept of coexistence with the sea sustainably, in alignment with the Sea Women culture. Prints featured sparkling waves and incorporated common marine debris, adding strong environmental symbolism to the fashion pieces.


Through the “AMA Sea Women” collection, INF successfully used fashion as a platform to raise awareness for cultural preservation and environmental protection. The brand’s emphasis on sustainability, the incorporation of marine debris, and the celebration of Sea Women culture demonstrated a commitment to promoting local fashion, environmental consciousness, and cultural appreciation in Taiwan. INF’s participation in Taipei Fashion Week exemplified fashion. 

Avantelier is delighted to engage in this online conversation with Kuo Wei, whose unwavering efforts in preserving Taiwan’s endangered sustainable fashion culture have left a profound impression. Each garment he creates resonates with a deep love and devotion to Taiwan, reflecting his unwavering commitment. We eagerly await the unveiling of his autumn and winter collection, where we anticipate discovering more hidden cultural treasures that deserve our attention. We sincerely hope that Kuo Wei’s unwavering dedication will touch your heart as deeply as it has touched ours.

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