W;nk : Dappled Echeveria Earrings


Recycled Plastic, Handcrafted, Golden-Paint, Roses

+ Upcycled Plastic (PET)
+ Pure Gold Paint

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At W;nk, everything is customised. Contact us at info@avantelier.com for size adjustments or earring stud to clip-on conversions

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Our design atelier of planned spontaneity is a never-ending experimentation of materials and ideas, a celebration of the poetic craftsmanship of the hands. Sensual, emotional and playfully intellectual, our works are the language in themselves, a romantic its own way.

You may be interested to know…

Where Does the Inspiration For the W;nk Atelier’s material Come From?
The inspiration behind The W;nk Atelier’s materials came from Maureen, the designer. She primarily uses recycled PET bottles. It all started with a school project for her daughter where they collected a lot of PET bottles. She didn’t want to throw them away, so She began creating small, unique pieces as gifts for friends, who loved them. It slowly evolved into her main creative pursuit. To give these plastics a more sophisticated, glass-like texture, Maureen dedicated a lot of time to perfecting her craft.

How Does W;nk Atelier Approach Sustainability In their Practices?
+ Recycled Materials: The brand primarily uses recycled PET bottles in its creations. This reduces the environmental impact by repurposing plastic waste.
+ Reduced Waste: By upcycling materials, W;nk Atelier helps to minimize the amount of waste going to landfills.
+ Handmade Craftsmanship: Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, which reduces the energy and resources associated with mass production.
+ Feedback and Innovation: The brand continually seeks feedback and invests in research and development to improve its techniques, making plastic materials appear more refined and upscale.
These practices showcase Wink Atelier’s commitment to sustainability and responsible craftsmanship.

Values of W;nk Atelier’s Philosophy?
At W;nk Atelier, their philosophy is built on a simple yet powerful belief: just like diamonds, plastic can last forever. So, why not embrace a sustainable lifestyle where beauty, style, and environmental friendliness go hand in hand? We’re all about lasting beauty and a lasting planet.

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AVANTELIER selects ethical Outfits for you: WINK
AVANTELIER selects ethical Outfits for you: WINK



Lilac, White, Pink


Upcycled Plastic (PET) is a sustainable material that is created by transforming discarded PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic bottles into new products. Through the process of upcycling, PET plastic is given a new life instead of being disposed of as waste. This reduces the environmental impact of plastic waste and helps promote a circular economy by minimising the need for new plastic production. Upcycled Plastic (PET) offers a creative and eco-friendly solution to repurpose plastic waste and create innovative, sustainable products.


For the best care of your accessories, please remember to keep them inside the provided bags and box after each use. To protect the metal parts of the jewellery, it is advisable to avoid contact with perfume and chemicals. If any part happens to break or fall off, we offer free repair services. However, please note that the customer will be responsible for the delivery cost.


W;nk rings are adjustable, fitting Ring Size 6-7 or approximately 5.5-6 cm. For custom size adjustments, contact us at info@avantelier.com.


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+ Typically, orders are processed and prepared for shipment 2-10 days after placing the order.
+ If there is an urgent need, please send us a request before purchase
+ Please keep in mind that W;nk unique handcrafted items may require a little extra time for delivery due to their special nature. In some cases, postal deliveries to specific countries may experience slight delays. We kindly ask for your understanding and suggest allowing a few extra days for the delivery of your order.

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