Eastern Harmony: Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Technology, and Human Essenceand the Impact of Technology on Human Existence

Writing by Avantelier, Photo|Video by  Wen-Hsin & Avantelier team

A riveting lunar experience. It is, quite simply, terrific, good enough to warrant repeated viewings.

Unlock the mystique of Eastern wisdom, the enchanting artistry of Cloud Gate Dance, and the thought-provoking dance with technology. Immerse yourself in a captivating exploration of beauty, emotion, and the essence of existence. A captivating exploration awaits.

Do you, like me, find Eastern thinking to be quite abstract, with a sense that it can be understood intuitively but is challenging to express in words? Eastern culture often emphasizes subtlety, metaphor, and depth, making the thought process seem more abstract compared to Western culture. Sometimes, the conveyed imagery and emotions can be more intricate, requiring understanding through experience and perception. Personal interpretations of art and culture, as well as the inspiration derived from them, are indeed influenced by individual life experiences and backgrounds. Each person interprets and feels artistic works based on their own stories, values, and perceptions. In my view, these moments of appreciating Eastern art are the most romantic. It feels as if one is participating in a secret rendezvous with Eastern dance—a mutual understanding where you get me, and I get you. In this moment, a resonance is formed, creating a kind of spiritual communication. Perhaps, this is where I gained insights into a unique aesthetic and expressive form, experiencing a profound emotional connection. Such experiences enrich my understanding of the world, opening up new perspectives and deepening my self-awareness and understanding of others.

Last night, I’m very grateful for Wen-Hsin’s invitation. We enjoyed the performance of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan titled “Lunar Halo” together. Cloud Gate’s dance works always convey emotions and stories in a unique way, and they are renowned for their distinctive artistic style. The inspiration for “Lunar Halo” came from the first observation of a lunar halo by Cloud Gate’s artistic director, Cheng Tsung-lung. When light passes through the atmospheric ice crystal layer, it creates a shimmering ring around the moon in the Icelandic sky. This phenomenon is considered a harbinger of an approaching storm and, in some ancient societies, an ominous sign of impending significant change. Cheng collaborated with the Icelandic band

band Sigur Rós to explore the changes happening in the world today, especially our increasing reliance on new communication technologies. Against the backdrop of unforgettable ethereal music, dancers interact with each other—pairing up, forming groups, or moving as a collective—accompanied by multiple large LED panels. These panels display fluid shapes, colors, and images, highlighting one of the fundamental issues of our era: if our needs and desires can be fulfilled with just a few taps on a screen, what is the purpose of the LED panels?

The profound question of human existence gains significance with the capability of technology to fulfill our needs and desires. This issue delves into the delicate equilibrium between technology and human values in contemporary life, inspiring reflections on our individual existence and purpose. Concurrently, it reflects the dynamic changes and shifts in values within today’s society. The swift progress of technology may inadvertently drive us toward a more streamlined and convenient lifestyle, potentially at the expense of vital human values such as interpersonal relationships, meaningful life experiences, and contemplation of our own existence and significance. It prompts consideration of whether technology hinders our understanding of the human body, mind, and societal dynamics. The interaction between individuals and technology is questioned—whether we are mere users or can exert control, utilizing technology as a tool to attain elevated human values. Striking a balance between modern technology and human values demands thorough contemplation. This calls for a reevaluation of the meaning of human existence in the current societal landscape, encouraging individuals to ponder how they can discover their own worth and purpose in the era of technology. This exploration extends beyond the personal realm, presenting challenges at the societal and cultural levels.

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Avantelier Art Adventure
Avantelier Art Adventure

About Cloud Gate:

Cloud Gate is the name of the oldest known dance in China. In 1973, choreographer Lin Hwai-min adopted this classical name and founded the first modern dance company in the Chinese-speaking world. In 2020, Cheng Tsung-lung succeeded Mr. Lin as the artistic director, seamlessly blending creative works rooted in tradition with exciting new perspectives from the digital and globalized world. In 2023, Cloud Gate celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Cloud Gate dancers undergo meditation training, practice qigong, an ancient breathing exercise, internal martial arts, modern dance, and ballet. Through choreography, the company transforms ancient aesthetics into thrilling contemporary movement celebrations.

Cloud Gate has toured worldwide, frequently participating in the Next Wave Festival in New York, Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London, the Moscow Chekhov International Theatre Festival in Russia, the Movimentos International Dance Festival in Germany, and the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia International Dance Festival directed by Pina Bausch. The international media has acclaimed the company as the “leading contemporary dance troupe in Asia” (The Times) and “one of the best dance companies in the world” (FAZ).

Exhibition Information:

Sadler’s Wells Theatre
London, United Kingdom
November 30 to December 2, 2023

For performances in other countries, please refer to the link belowe



Cloud Gate takes you to a whole other realm https://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/cloud-gate-dance-theatre-of-taiwan-lunar-halo/#book

LUNAR HALO https://www.cloudgate.org.tw/en/cg/dance_production/LunarHalo

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