Avantelier selects ethical Outfits for you _ Niza Huang FOLD STATEMENT RING

Contrasting beauty: Niza merges organics, clean lines for raw-sophisticated elegance

Niza Huang is a London jewellery designer known for merging fashion and craftsmanship. Her designs combine organic shapes with clean lines, creating unique pieces that balance elegance and edge. Inspired by contrasts, her collections range from abstract to geometric styles, often featuring raw and refined diamonds. With an MA in Metalwork & Jewellery design, Niza blends modern techniques with traditional goldsmithing in her central London studio. Sustainability is a key focus, using recycled materials and ethical diamonds, including Fairtrade Gold. She offers bespoke designs and eco-friendly options like lab-grown diamonds and Massonite Stones. Niza’s jewellery encapsulates her commitment to artistry, sustainability, and innovative design.

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