Avantelier selects ethical goods for you : ODDAIA

ODDAIA, originating in Romania, collaborates with global artisans, integrating unique handmade touches into Their knitwear. Their mission includes reviving fading ancestral techniques and supporting their continuation. With a philosophy of giving back, They find joy in extending a helping hand, a cherished principle at our core.

All Theirgarments are responsibly crafted in Romania, EU, ensuring transparency, safe workplaces, and fair wages. They prioritize sustainability, believing in quality over quantity and creating pieces meant to last. Their commitment to the planet and inspiring a revolution against fashion industry madness drives Their decisions.

ODDAIA operates with pre-orders, emphasizing impeccable slow fashion and minimizing environmental impact. By producing only what is ordered, They avoid excess stock, contributing to a better environmental choice. Despite the challenges, they remain conscious and continually seek new ways to lower Their impact.

In Theirgiving back initiative, for every product sold, they partner with One Tree Planted to plant a tree, reinforcing Their dedication to environmental stewardship.

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