Gucci Cosmos: A Timeless Journey Through Creative Expressions at 180 Studios

Writing by Avantelier, Photo & Video by AVANTELIER

The GUCCI COSMOS exhibition commences with a journey on the lift. Guccio Gucci’s revelation at The Savoy, observing stylish travelers in London’s first lift, intertwines with his Florentine leather expertise….

Tracing the constellation of ideas, artifacts, and geographies in the brand’s history. From Florence in 1921 to the present, the exhibition unveils different worlds, each delving into various aspects of Gucci’s journey.

The immersive experience explores themes like the influence of horse riding on designs, the harmony between the plant and animal kingdoms, the significance of archival materials, and the transformative power of fashion shows. It alludes to a creative reconfiguration of the brand’s values for the future.

Zoetrope installation pays tribute to Eadweard Muybridge’s horse motion studies, inspiring Gucci’s iconic emblems like Horsebit, Web, stirrup, and horseshoe. The exhibit explores equitation’s cultural and sensual aspects, showcasing borrowed materials that define Gucci’s heritage. These emblems transcend gender boundaries, fusing functionality with elegance, reflecting the brand’s dynamic evolution over time. This room contains flashing lights that could trigger seizures for people with visual sensitivities.

EDEN represents a harmonious coexistence, inspired by the Flora motif’s rich history. Created in 1966, Flora’s immersive installation showcases dresses, scarves, and accessories in an all-white landscape, emphasizing nature’s fragile beauty and symbolic stories. This magical territory, reinterpreted by different creative directors, enhances Gucci’s brand recognizability.

TWO features giant figures evoking Gulliver’s Travels, showcasing evolving fashion-body relationships. The iconic red velvet suit symbolizes continuity from Tom Ford to Alessandro Michele.

ARCHIVIO in Gucci Cosmos transforms into a dynamic labyrinth, embodying the brand’s evolving narrative. The archive, a visual journey with historic campaigns, showcases iconic bags named after influential figures.

CABINET OF WONDERS is a vibrant blend of an armoire and trunk, housing precious artifacts and celebrating inclusivity. It’s the heartbeat of the Gucci Archive, preserving the magic of craftsmanship and personal memories.

CAROUSEL in Gucci Cosmos is a dynamic showcase, resembling a magical lantern, portraying Gucci’s iconic ‘GG’ logo evolution and cultural influence. It creates a narrative that connects individuals to fashion dreams and personal histories. The exhibit unfolds as a collective red carpet, offering a euphoric experience akin to waiting for a party entrance. It brings to life diverse designs seen online, in magazines, and worn by public figures, reconstructing the syntax of personal lives and histories. Carousel is a visual spectacle, merging temporal accords with the past and celebrating the brand’s transformative journey through various creative directors.

The final room, GUCCI ANCORA is a vibrant space infused with the rich reds of Gucci’s history, featuring the manifesto of Creative Director Sabato De Sarno. The room captures the essence of joy, life, passion, and irreverent glamour. A central glass monolith showcases De Sarno’s visual notes and mood board, creating a continuously evolving galaxy. The room is adorned with words, prose, and poetry, offering clues about De Sarno’s project and inviting viewers to embrace freedom of expression. The word “Ancora” holds special significance, symbolizing a continuous present that moves time forward, representing happiness and the desire for more.

Gucci Cosmos transcends mere exhibition; it’s a journey commencing at The Savoy in London, traversing diverse dimensions and culminating in a present that encapsulates the timeless narrative of the iconic Italian fashion house. The mobile archival exhibition has found a home at 180 Studios, with contemporary artist Es Devlin’s immersive design guiding visitors through 102 years of creative expression. Curated by fashion theorist Maria Luisa Frisa, this showcase unveils treasures, some making their debut beyond the archive, highlighting Gucci’s influential role in reflecting and shaping cultural eras.

Gucci Cosmos Exhibition Details:

Dates: October 11, 2023, to December 31, 2023
Time: 10 AM to 8 PM (Last entry 7 PM)
Location: 180 STUDIOS, London WC2R 1EA, United Kingdom
Days: Monday to Sunday.

Gucci x AVANTELIERArtAdenture
Gucci x AVANTELIERArtAdenture
Gucci x AVANTELIERArtAdenture
Gucci x AVANTELIERArtAdenture
Gucci x AVANTELIERArtAdenture
Gucci x AVANTELIERArtAdenture
Gucci x AVANTELIERArtAdenture
Gucci x AVANTELIERArtAdenture
Gucci x AVANTELIERArtAdenture

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