Exploring “Face 2 Face”: A Unique Artistic Confluence by Ariane Lugeon & Ana Vujic

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An Artistic Voyage into Identity, Expression, and Societal Reflection

In the heart of Bern, Switzerland, a captivating art exhibition is set to take center stage. “Face 2 Face,” an artistic collaboration between Ariane Lugeon and Ana Vujic, promises to offer a thought-provoking journey into the depths of human expression and the intricacies of contemporary existence.

A Fusion of Creative Perspectives

Ariane Lugeon, a nomadic artist with roots in Basel and Scandinavia, and Ana Vujic, a Basel-based artist, bring their individual styles and narratives to the forefront in this exhibition. The diverse creative avenues they traverse converge to create a multidimensional experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Ariane Lugeon’s repertoire effortlessly blends performance, textile art, installation. Her art serves as a vehicle to explore the nuances of human interaction, reflecting upon society’s shifts and the fragility of human connections. Ana Vujic, on the other hand, channels her artistic voice through large-format charcoal drawings, installations, and Street Art. Her creations make a bold statement, not confined to the conventional gallery setting, but spilling into public spaces to engage with a wider audience.

Confronting Complexity and Identity

“Face 2 Face” delves into the myriad complexities that shape our present-day existence. Ariane and Ana’s works are emblematic of their relentless exploration of societal shifts, the redefinition of norms, and the intricate web of human identity. The pieces on display resonate with their individual viewpoints yet converge to spark a profound dialogue between diverse art forms.

Each brushstroke and creative decision culminates in a series of expressions that invite viewers to ponder the enigmatic nature of human connections, vulnerability, and the very essence of being. From Ariane’s immersive installations to Ana’s thought-provoking charcoal drawings, the exhibition is a testament to the power of art to mirror and reinterpret reality.

Immerse Yourself

The exhibition unfolds as an immersive experience, where the audience is invited to engage with the art on a visceral level. The Vernissage on 26 of August | 5-8 pm offers a first glimpse into the amalgamation of Ariane and Ana’s artistic energies. An enlightening Artist Talk on 09 of September | 4pm provides a platform for a deeper exploration of their inspirations and artistic processes.

A Meeting of Minds and Mediums

“Face 2 Face” isn’t merely an exhibition; it’s an intersection of creative minds and mediums. The intricate dance between performance, installation, photography, charcoal drawings, and Street Art creates a symphony of expression that resonates deeply with our contemporary world.

As we step into the realm of “Face 2 Face,” we embark on an artistic odyssey that challenges us to confront societal shifts, question norms, and reevaluate our individual imprints on the canvas of life.

Date, Time and Location

Vernissage: Samstag, 26. August | 17-20 Uhr

Performance von Ariane Lugeon | 18.30 Uhr

Artist Talk: Samstag, 09. September | 16 Uhr

Finissage: Samstag, 23. September | 17-20 Uhr

Lorrainestrasse 14, CH-3013 Bern, Switzerland

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