#Aの38. Producing The Finest Goods, For Sure. Finding Product-market Fit Is The Key To Running A Successful Business Sustainably.” The Head Of JULIEMAY, Tiffany Chiu Suggested.

Writing by Avantelier, Photo|proofreading by JULIEMAY team

Avantelier is a sustainable fashion platform that focuses on bringing sustainability forward in the fashion industry. We are a growing platform that highlights green fashion brands around the world, as well as topics around trending issues of fashion, innovative tech and global talent. We are very honoured to collaborate with the head of JULIEMAY, Tiffany (Yinhei) Chiu, on this “International Women’s Day, #Aの38” project. 

Tiffany shared with us about JULIEMAY’s ethos and its fabrics of features and how to run the brand in an organised way. Through the conversation, we know that as an ethnically diverse female entrepreneur, Tiffany has been helping many women regain confidence through feminine products, ethically made and allergy-free. She aims to provide her customers with the highest quality lingerie to make them enjoy and love their beautiful bodies every day. Furthermore, she also services a wider range of body sizes and custom-made sizes. We were embraced by her charming and confident atmosphere during her sharing.

” Our bra is set with luxuriously soft materials, environmentally friendly, allergy-friendly and antibacterial.” 

A brief about JULIEMAY, an allergy-free lingerie brand, Tiffany Chiu is dedicated to producing finest and comfortable lingerie for customers. Their mission is “TO BRING ELEGANT DESIGNS WITH THE USE OF TOP-QUALITY NATURAL MATERIALS TO PROMOTE THE MOST COMFORTABLE WEARING EXPERIENCE TO ALL WOMEN.” JULIEMAY is proud of being the position of the only underwear brand that has all the products tested by dermatologists and certified by the Allergy Free UK. Reducing the feeling of itching, redness, pain, and emotional trauma. The items are thus ideal for those with sensitive skin or those who suffer from reactions from synthetic fibres. 

Furthermore, all products are handmade on their exclusive production site that conforms to ethical, fair trade and sustainable standards. Their website shows that “With every purchase and review you have made with JULIEMAY, donate to support these sustainable projects. Together JULIEMAY is making an impact on saving our planet and supporting people in need.”

Q: What are the biggest challenges for you on the project you have done? How did you solve the issues?

T: Rome wasn’t built in a day, Tiffany had been through tons of challenges to lead her to win awards in many stages, such as Best Lingerie Brand of the Year in the London and South-East Prestige Awards run by Corporate LiveWire, the Most Promising New Business of the Year by the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce and so on. She friendly gave our viewers advice, who run start-up businesses, and said that “Starting your brands from a small scale, maybe just a few items, instead of having the whole collection. It might cause serious inventory costs. Also, finding product-market fit is the key to running a successful business. If I turn back time, I wish to do a mini collection to reduce unnecessary expenses.” She honestly shared. While Tiffany found the product-market fit of JULIEMAY through the feedback from customers. She reshaped JULIEMAY again and again, and finally, she found her niche market and focused on it.

The other challenges for Tiffany are tax issues and shipping issues. Because of Brexit, the price has to be increased. Less competitive prices lead to losing customers’ interest. However, the challenges lead her to rethink the DNA of JULIEMAY and reprice its value. Read back to the previous female professionals’ interview sharing, Harriet of SAYWOOD and Lebanese Fine Jewellery Designer Nada Ghazal, also have in common, they also mentioned the importance of reshaping the brand by market feedback and finding a niche market.

Avantelier also thinks this process guides creators and directors to work in green fashion, reducing unnecessary trendy products, and listening to what customers need, not what designers want. The consequence would be fewer items will end up in landfills.

If you are a young director, you will find their experience useful. Avantelier is here, Learn about their experience with you and appreciate their sharing. If you have any brand growth experience that you are interested in knowing, please leave a message below. 

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