#Aの38. Fine Jewellery Designer Nada Ghazal Brings Her New Collection To The UK

Writing by Avantelier, Photo|proofreading by Nada Ghazal team

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. We know the specific day was past. However, Avantelier’s mission is to continue promoting female professionals who follow our ethos in protecting our world. We named mission #Aの38.  The Avantelier team is humble to learn from their manifesto, the growth process, the path of solving problems, current projects and so on.

“Our relationship with jewellery is unique – each jewel is a memory realised – a cherished gift, a connection to a time, a person, an experience. Each tactile piece is a daily reminder of our journey.__________Nada Ghazal”

Greyness shadowed London last week, when we met Nada Ghazal, casually for coffee, where she shared the stories she had experienced recently with us. The upheaval that marked her life and career were described elegantly, with grace just like her jewellery. Nada is a storyteller, her designs are filled with emotion and memory. Undulating gold contrasted with precision-set diamonds and precious stones captures moments, thoughts and feelings highlighting a female tenacity and flexibility.

During her sharing, we saw a professional and a mother, all in one who handled challenges as thoroughly and thoughtfully as possible. The outside vibe of the miserable rain was contrasted by the warmth that emanated from her strong belief in her family’s love and career. Her strong character has made her come so far. Her can do attitude of seeing problems and solving them clear, and admired. Through the conversation with Nada, and then going back and savouring her creations carefully, somehow we can sense her care in every detail of her jewellery.

A brief about Nada Ghazal, she is a dedicated mother and a full-time jewellery designer, who is devoted to keeping Lebanese craftsmanship. Marrying modern techniques and traditional skills and inspirations from her heritage she sculpts and finishes each piece in her workshop. Some of her collections are inspired by Lebanese heritage and architecture. Vales of authenticity, integrity and being rooted, are core to what she does and make her creations unique and authentic. Each of her jewels is intricately crafted with passion and equalled in doses of time, labour and love all combined. Her expressive art form explores larger conversations that touch upon female empowerment, sensuality and motherhood.

Q: What are the biggest challenges for you on the project you have done? How did you solve the issues?
N: Because of the drastic changes in Lebanon,My life partner and I decided to move to London for two main reasons which are to grow my jewellery business and to have an international education for my children. I studied in a boarding school in the UK when I was a kid, I feel the UK is my second home, thus, I wanted our kids to get an education here.

For me this year, the biggest challenge is to settle my family in my second home, London while at the same time setting up my business. Adapting to life in a new country is not easy, culture, habits and language are all different. Fortunately, my kids are very sweet, and mostly look after each other, although like all children they do fight sometime. I get a bit relaxing feeling seeing their faces and spending time with them. My life partner and I also support each other as a team.

As for my brand, I have a new collection that I am working on long hours as I am exhibiting it in Couture in June. At this stage of our growth as a brand, I make use of every opportunity to show and promote my jewellery, working on showroom presentations such as Paris Fashion Week last month and Las Vegas Couture in June. I feel grateful for what I have now. I have learnt to embrace positive energy to fight problems, belief in myself, my designs and what I’m doing to grow and move forward.

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