Wen H.

Wen is a junior fashion video art director and editor, she has collaborated with fashion brands and independent designers, whose videos featured in Ateliers-Ouverts in 2022 and Mercedes Benz fashion week in 2021. Her image creations were published in some digital magazines and print magazines around Europe over the years. Furthermore, she had a group photography exhibition in London in 2021. Wen's experiences of being a fashion womenswear designer and a stylist in the films and television industry and a filmmaker for fashion brands nourish her horizon and shape the style of her visual delivery, being highly sensitive to the balance between showcasing garments and storytelling. In addition, she has gained excellent teamwork and communication skills from these collaborations. She commits to contributing her ability on delivering profound messages of sustainable fashion and designers' eco-friendly ethos through her direction.

Kyle x Avantelier_2023

Kylo’s Fashion Odyssey: From 2021’s Resilience to Unveiling the 2023 Collection

Writing by Avantelier, Photo by Kylo Ho studio, Video by  AVANTELIER “Embark on a transformative journey through Kylo’s visionary designs, from the emotional tapestry of 2021 to the unveiling of his masterful 2023 Autumn/Winter collection—each piece a wearable symphony inviting you to redefine your style.” Step into the evocative realm of 2021, a year of resilience […]

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Ethical Gift Ideas For Her

Writing by Wen H. Photo by Dim Gunger FEBRUARY 12, 2022 How could you deliver your everlasting love to the one you love most? These sustainable well-made products could be what you’re looking for if you would like to deliver your love through a minimalistic aesthetic gift. These creators’ love for the earth and their persistence in the

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